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Onoma verb conjugator

The ultimate verb conjugator for the Spanish language. A database with more than 15.000 infinitives and an innovative algorithm allow to correctly conjugate any Spanish verb, even invented verbs.


Language lab to experiment with the Spanish vocabulary and morphology.


All our linguistic knowledge is available and ready to be integrated with the APIs in Apicultur. Out-of-the-box language technology for everyone.


Automatic learning platform with self-checking exercises of Spanish language.


Phonetic resources for Spanish languages: phonetic transcriptor, rhyme searcher, minimal pair searcher, homophone detector...


Online resources for Latin: automatic declensor of Latin, syllable splitter, time-machine word simulator from Latin to Spanish...

MiniÑol dictionary

Miniñol is more than a Spanish dictionary for foreing learners. It contains the 1000 most basic words of Spanish language which have been carefully selected so they are easy to learn. Words are defined using words included in Miniñol only.


The dictionary of Spanish proverbs and expressions for the foreign learner. It contains the 350 most frequent expressions in Spanish with easy definitions, translations, examples, variations, level of complexity, etc.

Hemero corpus

Collection of texts from the Spanish press that allows to search and see words in real context. More than 660 millions words, the larggest corpus in the Spanish language.

Aprende a conjugar el verbo en español

The theoretical model behind the Onoma conjugator. A brand new method to explain the verb conjugation that makes it possible to predict in a logical way how to conjugate any verb (even the irregular ones!). The Spanish verb conjugation without having to learn by heart.

Exemplary Novels

Commemorative digital edition of the 400th anniversary of the Exemplary Novels by Cervantes. It contains glossary, funny covers and lots of love :)


Meaning is just a click away. Lexical technology to make reading on the web easier. A word you don't know? Click on it and Clicklex will provide you its meaning without leaving the page.

Etymological dictionary by Monlau

We have digitalised the etymological dictionary by Pedro Felipe Monlau, a versatile Spanish humanist who published in 1856 a fantastic and yet forgotten etymological dictionary.


The conference for and by language enthusiasts: an event to meet, learn and discuss aimed at teachers, translators, editors, researchers, writers and language professionals in general. Organized with Xosé Castro and Cálamo y Cran.


Multiplayer word game for iOS. An app to challenge your mind and your command of the Spanish vocabulary.

Mr Tuit

Demo of our sentiment analysis technology: the program analyzes the content of a given tweet and returns whether the opinion expressed on the text is possitive or negative. This resource is available via APIs in Apicultur

APIdays Mediterranea

We are the organizers of the APIdays edition for the South of Europe. APIdays is the international conference for API enthusiasts.

Molino de Ideas on the radio

We have a weekly section on the Spanish National Radio where we speak about the importance of words and languages from a light-hearted point of view. Don't miss our podcasts!

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